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Does your tummy feel painful or bloated after eating?

You are not alone if you suffer from bloating – an estimated 50% of us do. It commonly occurs when undigested food breaks down and the gas produced builds up in your digestive tract. There are multiple causes, including bacteria imbalance, food intolerances, eating too quickly, food malabsorption and IBS or IBD.
IBS is a cluster of symptoms including bloating, abdominal pain and excess wind with an unknown cause so can be frustrating to get to the root cause. This is often caused by bacterial imbalance and a real increase in pain sensitivity, often undetected with conventional GP tests.
Gut health is fundamental to our overall health, and is dependent on three areas working effectively together: digestion (stomach acid, bile and digestive enzymes), microbiome balance (billions of bacteria / yeast / fungi / parasite present) and the strength or ‘leakiness’ of the gut lining.
I will investigate the underlying causes and contributing factors to your symptoms to allow your gut to heal and free you from symptoms and associated anxiety, helping you to feel amazing, everyday.

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