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Struggling with self-care? Feeling menopausal?

Posted on 8 February 2023

Did you know.. you shouldn’t ever have to suffer from PMS or (peri)menopause symptoms if your hormones are in balance. Yes, really. Self care isn’t selfish, it’s essential.

And back to the real world! Do any of these sound familiar?

  • 😫 My periods are irregular / painful & heavy
  • 😢 I’m teary, moody, spotty & have brain fog
  • 😖 I feel overwhelmed, stressed, anxious & burnt out
  • 😲 I’m struggling to sleep and I’m exhausted
  • 😣 I’m putting on weight / can’t shift my stubborn fat around my tummy
  • 🥵 I’m getting hot flushes and night sweats
  • 😔 I crave sugar and then have an energy slump

Hormonal health is an ongoing journey as women’s bodies undergo immense changes at each stage of life.
Unfortunately, when you hit your 40’s, your hormones can cause all kinds of symptoms if they aren’t in balance. Hormonal changes begin 10 years(!) before menopause, so you need to prepare for this change much earlier than you think.

There are many changes that you can make to you diet and lifestyle to improve your hormonal health, including:
– reducing stress (waaaaay easier written than done, I am fully aware!)
– Nourishing your gut. A healthy gut is essential for overall health and hormone balance.  
– Quality Sleep – the ultimate reset.
– Exercise – appropriate for your age /stage 
– Alcohol – you may find you have a reduced tolerance and it affects your sleep. 

One Day Retreats Yoga, The Farm at Avebury. 15/10/2021…photo by Sam Frost…©2021

So, what to do?

Book on my favourite yogi’s ‘Embracing the Menopause’ retreat, where I’m giving a talk on hormone balancing. Self care is essential – do this now 😉

Book here.

Carve out sometime for you this spring to feel calm, balanced and energised. It’s a one-day safe space in the beautiful setting of Avebury, Wiltshire. Restorative yoga with Maura Barber-Oosterhuis and revitalising self-care routines created especially for menopause, a talk from me on hormone balancing during peri/menopause, plus a walk and outdoor meditation in the magical Avebury landscape, time to reflect and set your intentions (bring your journal!). 

Included is a delicious lunch, herbal teas and home-made treats and a goody bag filled with self-care tips, resources and edible treats. No experience necessary and beginners are welcome.

Sunday 21st May.

Limited spaces, so book early 😉

Need more, now?

If you are ready to feel energised, happy and healthy, book a FREE no obligation call with me to discuss your health goals and to see if we are a good fit for working together. Click here.

You can find out a little more about how I work here too.

If you need help to harness your hormones, then start your self-care today to have a happy healthy menopause.

I can identify which hormones may be imbalanced and create a personalised programme incorporating diet and lifestyle changes, plus targeted supplements if appropriate, to rebalance your hormones and help you feel amazing on the inside and looking great on the outside: an energised, slimmer, balanced and clear-thinking revitalised you.

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