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Store Cupboard Solution

What’s for dinner??

How many times have you asked or been asked this? If that question, or even just the thought of it is enough to push you over the edge, then my Store Cupboard Solution is for you.

  • Are you in a cooking/ eating rut, eating the same old food?
  • Feeling uninspired when in the supermaket?
  • Want to eat healthier but overhelmed by choice don’t know what to buy?
  • Worried that healthy means time-consuming and expensive?

We’ve all been there, in fact many of you are still there. So for you lovely people I have created my amazing

Store Cupboard Solution

  • Confidence in buying healthy foods for you (and your family)
  • Clarity on how to fill your cupboards and fridge with delicious, inspiring foods
  • Ideas for upgrading family favourites to maximise nutrient content
  • Personalised suggestions for filling, tasty ‘grab and go’ foods
  • Eco-friendly and cost-saving tips
  • Healthy alternatives for snacks or treats
  • Understanding of healthy / processed foods
  • An e-recipe book 

All tailored on personal preferences and budgets.


As this is a new service, I am offering a whopping discount of £20 for my first few wonderful clients. Yes, it could be you if you’re quick!

£75 for a 60 minute session at your house (normally £95)

*additional mileage if over 5 miles from either Hungerford or Upper Woolhampton.

Shopping for healthy, nutritious foods has never been easier… Get in touch today to be inspired and confident to fill your food cupboards and fridge with delicious, nutritious and filling foods.

This small investment of your time will mean you are no longer reaching for the same unhealthy foods week in, week out. You will be able to grab healthy foods in a rush, and still be full until lunch/ supper.

You will feel informed about what’s healthy versus processed and try to avoid where possible.

I have lost count of the number of times I have heard in clinic “I eat pretty healthily…” and then clients realise that they’re actually not and that there’s A LOT to learn. All of this, to your tastes and budget. Hurray I hear you say..!

What’s stopping you?

PS Introductory offer of just £75 for the first 5 people to book!

Need more than this?

Do you have health symptoms you want to address? If so, you may need nutritional health coaching and support to achieve your health goals. If so, please instead go to my one to one personalised nutrition and lifestyle health coaching consultation pages here and book a free health discovery call with me here.
Thank you!

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