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Posted on 27 November 2020

Here’s a selection of present ideas, low in plastic and high in practicality. Give them – or put on your own list for Christmas this year!

I hope you find this list inspiring and get even just one more item ticked off your list.


🌟Nutritious Chocolate: What is Christmas (or frankly any night) without chocolate? One criteria, it must be dark, 70% or more. Try some dark Raw Chocolate, (dairy free options available).

🌟Non-alcoholic Gin: Seedlips’s Spice 94 is made with botanicals, and full of warming flavours for a civilised tipple, but without the alcohol-induced side effects.

🌟Fresh Recipe Box: from The Mindful Chef. They are absolutely fantastic and cheaper than you would think. Use the code NINA25 to get a generous 25% off your first 2 boxes!

🌟Cookbook – I love traybakes for effortless family cooking. Jenny Tschiesche is also a qualified nutritional therapist, so wholesome practical delicious food awaits: Sheet pan cooking.

🌟Glass food storage: While Beeswax paper is helpful for ditching cling film, I love glass pyrex dishes with lids – they come in different sizes, you can see what’s in them and they can go in the oven, fridge and freezer. And they stack easily!

🌟Reusable Bottle: Plastic bottles contain BPA, which disrupts your hormones. I love my insulated S’well bottle – with its wide neck so easier to drink hot tea from. 


🌟Journal: Journals are fabulous for clearing the mind from swirling thoughts, anxieties and building dreams. Check out dailygreatness for pointers for gratitude, reflection and action. (And get 15% off using the link.)

🌟Book:  Anyone not been stressed this year? No, didn’t think so. Read Dr Chatterjee’s book, The Stress Solution, for 4 simple steps to promote a calmer you in 2021.

🌟Meditation: Kids find the Headspace app helpful when feel particularly frazzled as there are age-appropriate options too, or try Calm  to find your inner peace.


🌟Bath Salts: Magnesium (Epsom Salts) bath products help to calm the body and aid getting to sleep. A warmed body sleeps well. I buy in 5kg bags and add my favourite essential oils. 

🌟Eye Mask: A dark room aids sleep quality and a mask can be invaluable to achieving this, I’ve been using one for years. Just ensure it doesn’t touch your eyelids.  Try Alaska Bear or  Mindfold Sleep Mask.


🌟Bamboo Clothing: I love bamboo clothes – they are soft, durable and kind to Mother Nature. Plentiful sock options at Thought (I am VERY picky!) and snug clothes from Bam.


🌟Natural Beauty: I have slowly transformed my wash bag into a clean-product, containing only real ingredients and no chemicals. My current favourites are TropicMooGoo and Neals Yard Remedies.


🌟Voucher for local therapist: Support your local therapist by buying a gift voucher. You could even give a nutrition consultation: book HERE!

The world!

🌟Help save the world, one acre at a timeWorld Land Trust buys land for conservation, creating wildlife corridors and empowering locals to save habitats and wildlife.

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