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Poor nutrition can affect the severity of your child’s symptoms from underlying imbalances or infections and have long term health impacts too.

Nutritious, satisfying and tasty (let’s face it, this is the deal-breaker!) food that your child enjoys is essential to a happy household. It can also improve many symptoms, including behavioural and gut issues and food intolerances. Plus, kids that eat well from a young age are more likely to become healthy adults.

I can help you identify and make nutrition and lifestyle changes that could help the root cause of your child’s symptoms to help them to be bright and healthy.

I love that nutritious, delicious food CAN be fun, engaging and enjoyed as a family, every day, for everyone.

Do please seek advice from your GP before contacting me regarding your child’s health issues.

Book in for a health discovery call (i.e. a friendly chat) to see how we can work together to achieve the health goals for your child. Packages for children are the same as adults.


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