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Do these sound familiar?

  • I have a low mood and brain fog
  • I keep getting ill
  • I’m always rushing from one thing to another
  • I’m exhausted, but can’t sleep
  • I crave sugar and junk food

Your energy levels are managed in part by hormones released from the adrenal glands, two walnut-sized organs on top of your kidneys. Stress drains the adrenal glands, leaving them both unable to control these hormones and triggers cortisol production to release glucose to the brain, heart and muscles to ensure they are fuelled sufficiently to deal with the stress (work, children, whatever it may be). Short-term this is normal, but long-term stress exhausts the adrenals and cortisol levels plummet, causing the symptoms above.

Addressing the underlying body’s imbalances in the hormonal, immune, gut or nervous systems, plus mitochondrial issues may also be required to address your tiredness and fatigue.

I can help you identify your root causes of contributing factors of stress, balance your blood sugar levels to keep cortisol in check, plus lifestyle changes and self-care guidance to improve your energy and wellness.

My programmes are aimed at those looking toget their spark back through fully supported positive nutritional and lifestyle changes.

Book in for a health discovery call (i.e. a friendly chat) to see how we can work together to achieve your health goals.


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