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Creating balance as you spring back into life

Posted on 27 April 2021

Spring is here – the welcome sunshine (and forthcoming rain), lockdown is easing and the kids are back at school. I can feel the buzz of energy in the air.  Optimism and motivation are growing as ‘new life’ beckons and we try and forget the stresses and challenges of the last 12 months. But let’s not forget the silver linings and lessons learnt from 2020 while we rush to reclaim our old lives… it’s all about creating balance.

What positives from lockdown will you keep?

Many of the values that we learnt and habits we made ARE worth holding onto. At this pivotal moment, it’s worth cherry picking the important or beneficial and incorporating these into our lives as the world opens up.

Here are some ideas to keep making time for before you fill up your diary:

  • Home-cooked healthy meals (batch-cooked in advance to save time and inspiration!)
  • Family mealtimes. Catching up on the day and fully engaging with those you love, even if this means eating at 6pm.
  • Focusing on community and helping others.
  • Exercise – outdoors in nature – with a friend. Win win WIN!
  • Spending time in your garden. Even just nurturing herbs on a window sill.
  • Creating non-negotiable ‘me’ time and not trying to ‘pack everything in’ 

Some activities may need adapting so that you can continue them and enjoy their benefits, e.g. introducing a 10 minute morning yoga instead of a longer session later in the day.

Taking care of your own health

Are you also realising that now is the time you need to look after yourself, and improve your health where you can? Your health is essential for whatever you wish to accomplish in life. Having the energy and vitality to keep up with the kids as they get bigger, meet up with friends or go on that long walk/ run/ adventure you’ve been dreaming of while stuck at home. 

There really is no time like the present to start looking after yourself – not tomorrow or next week. Nutrition and lifestyle changes can improve your health and fit into whatever is going on with your children/ job / lifestyle. It’s all about creating balance. I believe that everyone has the ability to improve their health and make the most of their wonderful lives… You are worth it!


We’re all in need of some inspiration on the food front right now.  Here’s some seasonal inspiration for a quick (note the soaking overnight though!), delicious, nutritious recipe to share with a friend in the sunshine, from the new Abel & Cole cook book. It’s full of good fats, protein to keep you satiated all afternoon, fresh veg and tastes delicious. Add some (complex) carbs, e.g. lentils, brown rice or quinoa if you’re a hungry bean (like me!).

Salmon fennel rocket salad

Creating balance: How to keep the best bits of lockdown

1. Write a list (I do love a list!) of 3 things that you want to continue doing. E.g Prepare x2 batch meals on the weekend for the week ahead. 

2. Actions must be achievable and sustainable. Having the motivation for change is one thing, but creating a habit and maintaining it is much harder!

3. Incorporate them slowly. Maybe only start one activity each week to ensure you can embed them into your new shiny life.

Ultimately, be kind to yourself– lockdown has been extremely stressful for every body. While seeing friends and family, going out, travelling and going to work is exciting, it is more tiring than anyone realises, especially when we’re all out of practise. Be compassionate to yourself and pace yourself for optimal energy, happiness and contentment. 

As ever, please do get in touch if you would like a free health discovery call to see if working with me using nutrition and lifestyle changes could work for you. I would love to hear from you! 

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