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The secret sauce of weight loss I wonder how long you have spent over the course of your life searching for the magic pill when it comes to weight loss? […]

Are you addicted to sugar? Let’s face it, many of us are! 🍬🍫 It affects us all more than we realise – in our energy, our mood, our skin, sleep, memory, […]

Vitamin D wisdom – why we need to (test and) supplement, especially in perimenopause It’s been 100 years since the groundbreaking connection between sunlight and vitamin D. It’s like discovering […]

Nutritious snacks to help balance hormones, during both your first and second halves of your cycle. These energy ball recipes are easy to make and store. And totally delicious too! […]

What’s for dinner?? How many have you asked or been asked this? If that question, or even just the thought of it is enough to push you over the edge, […]

Menopause and peri-menopause are natural yet often seriously challenging phases in a woman’s life. They bring a host of uncomfortable symptoms, often for years – up to 10 years of […]

Want balanced hormones? Ready for something a little woo-woo? Seed cycling. It’s a gentle and effective naturopathic practice that can help balance hormones using nutrients. It supports your hormones using […]

Did you know.. you shouldn’t ever have to suffer from PMS or (peri)menopause symptoms if your hormones are in balance. Yes, really. Self care isn’t selfish, it’s essential. And back to […]

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