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I’m Nina Weatherill and I fell in love with nutrition and wellness after it transformed my life. The ability of the body to heal itself is incredible – if you allow and help it to. Bloating, gut infections, multiple food reactions, stress overload, insufficient sleep, chronic Lyme’s and liver detoxification issues all while looking after two gorgeous little boys ran me into the ground. Small, ongoing changes in my diet and lifestyle gave me more energy, healed my digestion, cleaned my liver and helped me to live my life better. All while eating seriously delicious food.

And now I want the same for you

I studied nutritional therapy at the gold standard Institute for Optimum Nutrition (ION) for three years. This added to my passion and fascination for how and why things work, and understanding how to uncover underlying causes for symptoms.

As for food, I’ve had a life-time of enjoying cooking in the kitchen and a brief four years in the catering industry. Now, being a working mum with two hungry boys and a discerning husband means that I understand the challenges of juggling many plates, and needing to serve up tasty, nutritious, satisfying food that everyone will enjoy eating, every day.

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I work with clients either online, or in a lovely clinic in Hungerford.

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