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7 day sugar free challenge

Sugar free challenge starting on Monday 29th January.

Sugar. Are you addicted to sugar? Let’s be real; many of us are! 🍬🍫

It affects us all more than we realise – in our energy, our mood, our skin, sleep, memory, clarity of thought and of course helping to pile on those pounds.

Here are a few tell-tale signs: you find yourself eating when you’re not even hungry, you worry about cutting down on certain foods, or you constantly crave sweet treats. It happens to the best of us!

Sugar is the ubiquitous sweetener and food preservative. So it is also now incredibly hard to avoid, being present in almost all processed foods. Yes it gives you energy initially surging your blood sugar levels. But, then your blood sugar level crashes after a swift peak and you’re left feeling worse than before you ate that food / snack / treat/ drink.

Joining my 7-day sugar-free challenge is the first step towards transforming your health and becoming the best version of yourself. Trust me; you won’t regret it! 😊

During the week we will explore tasty, nutritious alternatives which will enable you to have a fun, stress-free an enjoyable transition to a sugar-free lifestyle. I will cover:

  • labels / hidden sugars
  • artificial and natural sweeteners 
  • recipes and tips
  • how to plan healthy eating
  • liquid sugar
  • dealing with celebrations

Ready to take part? Fantastic!

The challenge begins on Monday 29th January, and the action happens in our wonderful FB group – 7 day sugar free challenge.

Just click on the link to join the fun and start feeling way better than you thought possible in just 7 days…

You can do it. Yes, you really can.

💛 💛

Answers to most common questions so far…

Will it make me feel awful (like giving up coffee)?

This really depends on the level of your sugar intake before starting. For a high user, yes you may experience a headache and some irritability and cravings in the first few days. If you think you are in this bracket, maybe ease yourself in on the first two days. These effects should pass quite quickly (by day 3) and will replaced with incredible benefits.

But I like everything sweet – can’t I just add honey /dates?

Try not to – at least initially. By removing added sugars you are rewiring your brain and training your tastebuds not to ‘need’ that much sugar. However, if you eat a lot of sugar and/ or refined carbs and you feel having a drizzle of honey on your porridge will help you, then set that as your challenge.

I just don’t think I can do 7 days! It’s totally overwhelming.

Just start! I will be there to support you to do whatever you are able to. Some people may decide 5 days is plenty, others may need the full 7 for a reset. Others still may decide to carry on for 14. I suggest setting yourself a time frame that you think will be challenging but achievable and then see how you feel – you may well surprise yourself. 

Artificial sweeteners – are they allowed?

Artificial sweeteners by their very name are artificial and not real foods, which I will always promote over fake ones. Some are slightly better than others, as they don’t impact blood sugars as much and not as artificial. However they all sent a confusing message to the brain and to the gut. For this challenge, the answer is similar to the honey one… it’s about making positive changes, not looking for perfection, which can be stressful in itself.

Can I eat lots of fruit – that’s healthy surely?

Yes, fruit is super nutritious. loaded with vitamins and antioxidants. I’ll have recipes using frozen bananas , one with apple and others using berries. I do suggest limiting fruit intake to 2 portions a day. It can be so easy to replace one sweetness addiction with another. I’ll be covering this on one of my live videos in the FB group. 

How will I feel by the end of it?

Comments from clients include: ‘Feel amazing’, ‘More energy’, ‘Sleeping better’, ‘Balanced mood’, ‘No cravings’, ‘Better memory’, ‘In control’, ‘Thinking clearly’, ‘No rollercoaster’, ‘Lost weight’, ‘Better skin’.

What happens at the end of the challenge after my 7 days of no sugar?

You can congratulate yourself! You will be aware of how much added sugar you have been eating and how it affects you. You will have reset your relationship with sugar and can start to reintroduce slowly. You can then be motivated to carry on, reduce your overall levels of sugar in your diet or use your energies to look at other health aspects in your life.

If you’d like some ongoing support from me, you will have the option of booking a consultation package with me at a 15% discount. Check out my ‘working with me’ page for more details of how I work on a 1 to 1 basis.

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