Rediscover your health

Get your spark back!

Feel amazing, look great and make energised your new normal

Do any of these
sound familiar?

  • Low energy
  • Bloating, tummy problems and food intolerances
  • Hormone imbalances
  • Brain fog
  • Itchy skin / rashes
  • Low mood
  • Weight (out of control)

What’s on your
wish list?

  • Abundant energy
  • Restorative sleep
  • Glowing skin
  • Healthy weight
  • Clarity of thought / clear thinking / clear head
  • Buoyant mood
  • Balanced hormones
  • Digestion that you don’t notice

Hi! I’m Nina Weatherill and I help women like you, in your 40’s and beyond, put your wellbeing first for a change – even when you’re busy with work or juggling family commitments.  Mums especially often put their family’s needs first, to the detriment of their own health (I did!).  I specialise in improving digestion, balancing hormones and improving energy.  I also include support for the whole family: from nutritious foods your children will actually eat to finding the root cause of more complex health issues.

If you don’t know where to start, are feeling overwhelmed, suffering symptoms (new or old), have a diagnosis, or think that you should be feeling better than you do, I would love to help you.

I’m a BANT-registered nutritional therapist based on the Berkshire/Wiltshire border. I am passionate about sharing my knowledge with you, motivating, supporting and coaching you to embed healthy habits and give you the tools so that you can take care of your and your family’s health for a lifetime.

Working one to one with you using nutritional therapy (the latest scientific and evidence-based research), I focus on finding the root cause of your symptoms and work towards your wellbeing and health goals.

Food is both your body’s fuel and information for your DNA, so it affects both your body and your life – for better or worse. Together, we will create an effective personalised program that works for you, incorporating delicious, healthy food in combination with exercise, stress management, sufficient sleep and self-love to achieve your optimal health and wellness.

I’d love to help you live your life better

Book in for a free health discovery call (i.e. a friendly chat) to see how we can work together to achieve your health goals.

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